Sabrina Markon

Merry JavaScriptmas Everyone!

Published on December 21, 2020

By the time I found Scrimba's super fun 24 Days of JavaScriptmas challenge, I think it was already December 16 or so, so I am playing catch-up to try to get them all done in time to win my certificate and a ticket into the $1000.00 lottery!

Here are my solutions so far! I am proud to say that I did not peek at any of the solutions that were already posted by the time I joined, and worked them out myself, even if some might have a better solution than the one I came up with.

Day 1: Candies

Day 2: Deposit Profit

Day 3: Chunky Monkey

Day 4: Century From Year

Day 5: Reverse A String

Day 6: Sort By Length

Day 7: Count Vowel Consonant

Day 8: Rolling Dice

Day 9: Sum Odd Fibonacci Numbers

Day 10: Adjacent Elements Product

Day 11: Avoid Obstacles

Day 12: Valid Time

Day 13: Extract Each Kth

Day 14: Maximal Adjacent Difference

Day 15: JavaScript Carousel

Day 16: Insert Dashes

Day 17: Different Symbols Naive

Day 18: Array Previous Less

Day 19: Alphabet Subsequence

Day 20: Domain Type

Day 21: Sum of Two

Day 22: Extract Matrix Column

Day 23: Social Media Input

Day 24: Test Your Agility

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